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Aura was created to meet the demands of modern food presentation. The range is built around three flatware shapes: Aura Modern The wide angled rims and small wells focus on smaller portions. Aura Flat Rim An elegant shape combining a shallow bowl with flat rim to create a delicate and contemporary feel. Aura Medium Rim A perfect banqueting range delivering style and functionality.

Round Tray

SKU 6300P068
Pattern Aura Oriental (6300)
Material Porcelain
Size 5 3/4" x 1"
Item Weight 0.42 kg
Warranty N
Carton Pcs 12
Carton Volume 0.0151 cu. m
Carton Weight 4.99 kg
Carton Dimensions 191 x 368 x 216 mm
Barcode 0105018461302514

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